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Where are we just now ?!

So how can we explain our current situation!

well hard work and a bit of a nightmare but we will all just carry on and get through it.👍

Sundried are so hard to get at the moment and this is due to the price of containers, to give you a slight insight normally a container would cost around 2500 dollars, but currently suppliers are being asked to pay potentially 18k for them. So having to carry across these prices without passing on some kind of charge to us is very hard for them.

There are hardly any containers available at the moment either.

Currently we are getting extra surcharges on any item that is imported on top of price increases.

They have said it will hopefully only be for about 6 months but if you see some products have gone up please be reassured it’s not what we want but has to happen just for a little while and as much as we can we haven’t put prices up.

Everyone is working so hard to get what we can but currently the next shipments of the main stock items everyone uses is the end of may.

we have stocked up with what we can but i just wanted you all to be kept in the loop.

if you can’t find it anywhere it probably won’t be available until the end of may!

We also had the news about how we will be slowly coming out of lockdown.

I am so happy for weddings to slowly start taking place and hospitality to be able to function again.

mans eventually by the end of the year we may hopefully be settled for a calm fun Christmas!

I just wanted to say our industry has worked its socks off to put smiles on many peoples faces during a hard time and also being able to have flowers for families at really hard times. Your all amazing and WELL DONE!

keep going everyone and let’s roll onto Mother’s Day.

have a good day



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